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Pregnancy Photography Sydney

May 7, 2017

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Wedding photography - UK

April 13, 2017

The Love Story

Monika and I met in England, while at university. I think the reason we even started talking was that we found out that we were both from Australia.
I was Sydney, and he was Melbourne.
We had a lot in common right from the start, and after about a year, he proposed. Of course I accepted, and Paul took a cheesy pic of me holding out the ring with his cell phone, me all smiles. We had to have something to send to the family and friends.

We both decided to wait until we had finished with university to have the wedding. And of course we both wanted it in Australia, so all our people could be there. By waiting, we could also have enough time to plan the whole event. In addition to our big Australian clans, we had several friends in England that we wanted there as well. So it began turning into a “destination” wedding of sorts. Little did we know!



The Plans

Paul and I chose Sydney as our wedding site. In particular, Bondi Beach. I always loved that place as a child, and had fond memories of going there with my family, so I had my way with that. We had a rather strict budget, so decided to forgo a wedding planner, which meant that the two of us had to do all the work ourselves.

Paul helped with everything! He wasn’t one of those “absentee” bridegrooms that left it all up to me. He really took an active role in all the decisions, which was great, because things soon got a bit out of hand in the planning. Certain things were a no brainer and went along smoothly. The cake, the food, the flowers, and the venue were fairly easy to arrange.
But getting our friends from England over was a bit more sticky. None of them had ever been to Australia before, so we had to jump in and help with all of those arrangements. In addition to all the other preparations, that was a real headache. We wanted all our English friends housed in the same place, close to the locale and reception venue. Eventually it was all resolved, but looking back, I would have planned for that much better. I had enough wedding jitters without all that to deal with.


The Final Hurdle

The thing that I was most nervous about were the wedding photos. I loved my dress, and everything else was set. Paul and I had blown up that wanky photo of me getting engaged as part of each table setting, but the photos of the actual wedding were very important to me. To us, really. I hired a Sydney wedding photographer to record the whole event. What I wanted was a keepsake of not only our wedding, but of all our family and friends together. These photos would be with us forever, and these people would never be together again, in this place and at this time, with us.
I need not have worried. Paul and I have been married for a year now, and there’s a wall of gorgeous photos of our wedding day in our home.

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